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Dr. Polat, who has 29 international and 15 national journal publications, has been continuing his work in his private practice since 2021.

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Prof. Dr. Şenol Polat, İstanbul Vertigo - Baş Dönmesi Tedavisi
Prof. Dr. Şenol Polat

Do Sudden Dizziness Affect Your Daily Life?

Are you experiencing symptoms such as loss of balance, constant dizziness or nausea, ringing in the ears, or vision problems recently? You may be struggling with vertigo…

Vertigo, or issues with loss of balance, involves a thorough examination and a comprehensive treatment process with Prof. Dr. Şenol Polat…

What is Vertigo?

Vertigo is the sensation of spinning or feeling like your surroundings are spinning.

Vertigo Treatment

Vertigo treatment involves personalized diagnosis and targeted therapy methods.

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Surgeries - Treatments

Effective Solutions for Ear, Nose, and Throat Diseases with Next-Generation Treatment Methods

Vertigo - Dizziness

The best treatment for dizziness starts with making the correct diagnosis. Proper treatment is crucial.

Childhood Periods (Pediatric) Vertigo

Dizziness and balance disorders can occur in childhood just as they can in adults.

Sinuses And Sinus Surgery

Sinuses, or paranasal sinuses, are cavities within the facial and skull bones, opening into the nasal cavity.

Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

Upper respiratory tract infections are common viral or bacterial diseases affecting the nose, throat, and sinuses.

Middle Ear Infections

It is the inflammation and infection of the middle ear, usually caused by bacteria or viruses.

External Ear Canal Infections

It is the condition where the external ear canal is infected and inflamed by microorganisms.

Adenoid And Tonsil Diseases

These are conditions where the tonsils and adenoids are inflamed due to infection or allergies.


It is a condition characterized by the inflammation and infection of the sinus cavities in the facial bones.

Ventilation Tube Insertion To The Ear

It is the procedure of placing tubes in the eardrum to drain fluid accumulation in the ear associated with serous otitis media.

Tympanoplasty And Mastoidectomy

These are surgical procedures performed to address issues with the eardrum and mastoid bone.

Nose Cartilage And Bone Curve (Septum Deviation) Surgery

It is an internal nasal correction surgery performed to straighten the cartilage and bone curvature inside the nose.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea Treatment

These are medical and surgical methods applied to resolve breathing problems during sleep.


Rhinoplasty is a surgical nose reshaping procedure performed to correct the shape of the nose for aesthetic or functional reasons.

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